Blank Headbands - Dry Fit Athletic With Self Tie Back

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This Headband prints vibrant and easily! You can lay it down flat, no jig required and print directly on it.  Print 1 side and leave a white background or print all over the entire thing front and back.  Either way works.  It has a self tie back and is also know as a "Ninja Headband".  It's popular in basketball and other sports. 

One size fits all for both youth and adults.  

Headband measurements:  37" x 2.5" 

Print Sizes: 
Partial print size we recommend 8" wide x 2" tall. 
Full print size we recommend 40" wide by 3" tall including bleed area. 

Note: This item is sold per piece, not by the pair. 
Material: 88% polyester, 12% spandex

Heatpress at 400 degrees and 25-30 seconds. 



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